Our Commitment to Fair Play

Congratulations to all racers who have completed a contest race.

We have noticed some outstanding results on the leaderboard and wanted to assure all participants of our commitment to conducting a fair competition where all entrants play by the rules.

For this reason, leaderboard times for drivers in 1st place will need to be verified. Driver’s in 1st place will receive an email requesting for them to record their screen while they complete a contest race and achieve a lap time similar to their time on the leaderboard. This video will then need to be sent to the email address provided. Coins will be credited to the driver’s account for Nitro. We will then compare the recording to our data in order to verify the results and ensure that no cheating has taken place. If the recording highlights inconsistencies with the vehicles expected performance a zoom screen sharing session will be necessary for further verification. During this session the Racing 2 W1N app will deleted and reinstalled from the app store, then opened and a contest race completed. The cars performance in the race (not the lap time) will be compared to the initial recording.

If you are currently in 1st place please check your inbox for the email that we have sent to you.

If you are not in 1st place but are still Racing 2 Win, Keep up the great work, practice makes perfect. It’s not over until it’s over.

The contest closes on the 14th of March 2021 at 8 pm.

Please note: If the driver in 1st place violates our terms and conditions the racer in 2nd place becomes 1st and will need to go through the verification process described above.